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“Buildings should not just reflect the environment they are in, but also the people that inhabit them”

Who are we and what we offer…

Formed in 2018, Hoose N Deas Design Studio has over 15 years experience in design in Canberra and around Australia. Whether we are working with you on your dream house or your new cafe or shop, we design around how the built form will make you feel.



In our residential designs we develop new houses and extensions/renovations that are different to the standard house by designing around the client and there interests to provide a fun and exciting spaces. Whether we are designing around internal factors such as art works, collections or special furniture, or external factors such as framing views or designing for indoor/outdoor lifestyles, we come up with solutions that make the whole house flow together and enhance its features and environment.


Having worked on Commercial fitouts and fabrication we have experience with the health code and construction techniques in hospitality design. Much like residential design the spaces need to be fun and exciting to a range of people that will frequent the establishments we design.


Commercial design is all about showcasing your products in the best way. With innovative design as well as the use of quality materials our design are both

Detail documentation

With over 6 years experience in detail documentation we can offer a wide range of documenting services. From architectural metalwork to custom furniture we can help make your ideas come to life. 

Years Experience

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Our Projects

Residential projects

Whether you after a design for renovations or extensions through to an all new home Hoose N Deas takes a creative and fun approach to creating unique environments for our clients. 


Hospitality projects

With our knowledge of how hospitality venues operate we can help to design a fitout that is appealing to your market as well as being a great place to work. We also do commercial kitchen design and consulting. 

Commercial Projects

Commercial construction needs to be cost effective and durable. We provide designs that meet those requirements and more. With inviting and exciting designs that show case your products and services.

Detailed documentation

From concept to creation we can document your ideas for furniture and architectural metalwork. We can even help with getting it fabricated and installed.


How we work

All projects start with your dream. We then start sketching out ideas and refine them into approval and construction documentation when your happy with the final design. At Hoose N Deas we use 3D software to help you visualise your design and ideas before it becomes reality. Ensuring the design complies with the relevant rules and regulations while also being fun and unique can be difficult, but its a challenge we enjoy taking on as it provides the best result for you and interesting and engaging built forms. After all, your building is a reflection of you!

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Let’s create something special

Everything we design at Hoose N Deas is about you. We get to know your interests and lifestyle so as to create the a fun and unique environment that suits you. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions let us know in the enquiries box below.

How much will the design service cost?

Our fees are based off an hourly rate. Fees are also different for every job! After meeting with you to go over your project we provide a fee proposal for you to review before choosing us as your designer.

Are our designs environmentally friendly?

All new developments need to pass an energy assesment. We research the latest in materials and technologies to ensure your project has the smallest of impacts on the environment. Its our way of thanking the earth for being awesome!

Can we help you find a builder?

We sure can! For larger projects we invite several quality builders to provide a competitive tender. For smaller projects we can help to obtain quotes from experienced trades.

Can we provide pre purchase advice?

We are happy to do a pre purchase design investigation for you. This will help you determine what you can and cant do to the house or land before you purchase it. Due to the nature of real estate we try and provide this service in under a week.

How do we get started?

When you contact us regarding a project we arrange a meeting to go over the details and scope of the project. This meeting is fee and obligation free. After the meeting we will provide you with a return brief and fee proposal.

How the process works…..

Initial sketch plans

It all starts with your ideas. These can be anything from pictures off the internet to a house you liked off TV. We then start to sketch out some ideas on your property to see what we can fit and explore different arrangements and ideas.

Final sketch plans

Once we settle on a sketch we develop it further. At this stage we include more detail in the design and fine tune the layout. We also design the externals of the built form to include the environment and regulatory requirements such as basix commitments and council rules.

Development application

We are ready to submit to council for approval! This stage is all about meeting the technical requirements for the council or private certifier. The documents will paint a picture of what the project will look like.

Tender documents

This stage is about getting a construction certificate and putting the project out to tender. The documents will include more technical information such as engineering. It will also include all the details about what fixtures and fittings you have selected.

Construction details

Construction detailing is not required for all projects. This stage is all about taking the guess work out for the builder by supplying detailed drawings of certain aspects we want done a specific way, such as alfresco kitchens or specific architecural features.

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